When it All Began – 1813


The first copies of Pride and Prejudice were originally published after getting rejected by publishers in London.  Fun fact: The first title to the book was First Impressions.  I can see where Austen was going with this.  However, the first draft of the novel was written when she was younger so the final title does the book the justice it deserves.  The plot does not center merely on the first impression the male protagonist Darcy has on Elizabeth.  But rather, the relationship between the two becomes much deeper then the face value of money and status.  So, the final (and best) title for the novel became Pride and Prejudice.  The new title portrays the pride both Darcy and Elizabeth feel as their relationship transforms through the prejudices both held.  The publisher Thomas Egerton bought her book and printed the copies.  The emergence of a Masterpiece was born when it hit the shelves in 1813.


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