When picking my final cover I couldn’t decide which one fit the bill best.  Then I came across this.  While it does not give much on what the book is really about, the modern (is it water color?) design lets us as the reader decide what they want to about the story.  So, the girl can be anyone of the girls from the novel.  I’m will assume Elizabeth because that is always who is on the covers when it comes to this book.  The girl reads a book, which happens to be what most girls participated in during the time period, along with their boring gossip.  Middle class women during Jane Austen’s era lived a simple life of match making, which the novel does so well from Mrs. Bennet’s point of view.  Overall, the novel represents issues many people agree with as being socially cruel.  The class system, male verse female, the goal to marry as well as possible all center in the common theme of every cover.  This cover does not stand up to what really is the true plot of the novel, Mr. Darcy.  There isn’t even a glimpse of him on this cover.  A pretty feminist take on the novels themes.

This cover was found at: 



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