2012 – Children’s Novel


This 2012 children’s version of the novel is hilarious.  As sad as I am to see the terrible puppet-like design to each character, it is a children’s novel so I suppose I should not judge. “The Cozy Version” so it is called, gives each character one word.  Example, Elizabeth = sister, Mr. Bingley = Gentlemen, Mr. Dacry = friend.  As much as I wish to disagree with the words given, the author has their reasoning’s, just look here:



The whole point of this version is to help parents give their children the easy breakdown of the classic until they are able to read to original on their own.  Personally, I don’t think the chosen words really do the book justice, and the amount of space open for the adults to put their own spin on the classic has me thinking.  It was a good idea but lacks the ideal themes that should be covered in the novel.  Yeah, yeah, yeah. That is the point of these books.  Creative output from both child and adult as they take a journey through a new form of teaching the child.  I understand it, but the amount of creative twist that can be put into the novel makes me angry.  This book has a “Disney Princess” type of plot line to it.  Why can’t the original speak for itself? 


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