2010 – Ann Herendeen takes the Novel in a Bizarre Direction


After the simple flower cover was released, the title took a new turn as Ann Herendeen wrote the novel Pride/Prejudice.  Even though this is not really surrounding the Jane Austen original version, the rewrite of the novel takes the new novel craze to a whole new level.  What am I talking about? Sex.  That’s right.  I went to Amazon.com to read the reviews of what people thought on this one.


“I gobbled up this delicious book in one sexy/cerebral reading orgy. Now I need to go back and marvel at my leisure, at its author’s wealth of insight and imagination.” (Pam Rosenthal, RITA Award-winning author of The Edge of Impropriety)


“Audacious and masterful. . . . True to Austen’s spirit, Ann Herendeen has given us a compelling, and sexual, novel of manners. In scenes that illuminate the motives and intellects of our favorite characters, we witness their most private moments. Delectable.” (Pamela Regis, author of A Natural History of the Romance Novel)

“Ann Herendeen has turned Jane Austen’s beloved classic novel on its head with this beautifully written ‘what if’ story. It is the erotic retelling of Jane’s very eighteenth century characters. The book is surprisingly creative and makes this version timely, realistic and clever fun. An entertaining read!” (Sandra Kitt, national bestselling author of Close Encounters and For All We Know)




The new craze for reading are the steamy, pornographic, terribly written novels.  Based off of these reviews I may have to reconsider the comment of terribly written.  The rewrite to the beloved classic has me curious if the rewrite of novels is actually good?  Like the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, this book does the same thing.  I suppose the difference here is the fact that all these erotic stories are much more relatable to me then the zombies are.  But, Ann’s reasoning for writing this novel is far beyond me.  You can make up your own opinion.  Watch this YouTube video, you can decide. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5MVJTo9jto


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