2009 – Twilight Influence


I remember in class we were talking about the use of an item on the cover stemming directly from the Twilight books.  Yes I read the Twilight books as most girls have these days.  So why was the cover from those books so popular? If you don’t know what the covers look like, they are below.  It’s amazing how much Stephanie Meyer, the writer of Twilight; characters are similar to P&P.  Take the protagonist Bella Sawn, she comes from a middle class family and judges the vampire Edward Cullen very harsh upon their first interaction.  Now Edward Cullen lives in a million dollar mansion with his family.  He’s awkward just like Darcy and emotionally detached.  Both Elizabeth and Bella need to take time to warm up to their new ‘eye candy’. 

The cover is a direct reflection of this massive fan-craze started by this Twilight saga.  As for the Pride and Prejudice cover above, I don’t think the quote on the top “The love that started it all” is correct.  In fact, it really was Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  Two star crossed lovers both alike in their prejudice, but not in their social class.  We lay our scene for a twist in the ending as they do not kill each other but rather have a happy and joyful ending.  As bitter and depressing the end to R&J happens to be, the simple and nondramatic tall-tale ending to P&P gives you happiness inside.  So, no it was not the love that started it all but for those who are uneducated in the workings of the true inspiration of Twilight need to brief on the summary of R&J.

The red rose’s meaning leans towards seductiveness, romance.  The white rose to friendship.  Why the two contrasting colors and their meanings?  Perhaps it is the two urging feelings felt by Elizabeth.  She only feels friendly towards Darcy until the prejudices about him were broken when she learns the good he has done.  The lust and sensual side screams on this cover.  With that new sex craze I spoke of, this novel continues with it.  With so many screaming covers lining the shelves, the whole goal of this cover was to keep with the Twilight craze.  As a result, one can only assume that the gross on this novel only increased.



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