2005 Movie


Every person I have talked to that knows something about Pride and Prejudice has seen this 2005 version.  It’s short enough to keep a boyfriend engaged (as much as they can be).  The cinematography is stretching the boundary far enough to engage the brain, the music stimulating enough to whisk you away into piano land, and the actors my favorite all around.  Let us start with Keira Knightly as Elizabeth.  I am glad they kept her hair brown, the costumes are much more believable, and the up do’s much more realistic.  She plays Elizabeth so well I love it.  Not only is she beautiful, but she plays the part so well.  Now, as for Matthew MacFadyen as Darcy I can’t even compare him to Colin Firth.  MacFadyen offers a new perspective on what it means to be gentlemen.  Yes he is the jackass (for a lack of a better word) in the beginning.  However, the pay off in the end is so worth the wait.  Through out the movie he is so contained and reserved you don’t really see the awkwardness.  I guess he failed in this aspect but I almost appreciated the lack of weirdness as it made him more relatable to me as a viewer.  The music in this movie is amazing!  Even if you don’t like P&P the music is worth the listen.  I even bought the piano book for it and attempt to sink myself into the notes.  I fail miserably but worth attempting to get lost in this version.  Overall, I prefer this version if I want my P&P fix for the day.  If I want to be true to the novel then I would use the Colin Firth version.  Both have their strengths and obvious weakness.  You can choose. 


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