Penguin Classic keeps putting out relatively okay covers.  They put out the one from 1938 with the woodcarvings.  I like this cover because just by glancing at it I know it will involve women and their possible boring lives of that time.  Little do people know the book is filled with much more!  Although this is painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence Moore not painted of the Bennett sisters (obvious because Jane does not have blonde hair and Jane should be on the cover), this cover is great! As the novel primarily centers on the conversations among the women, and never the thoughts of Darcy and Bingley it is only fitting that the men are not shown.  Yes the girls thoughts and drama are a direct cause of the men but the men are not the directly center in the conversation.  For example, when Elizabeth first meets Mr. Darcy the whole plot twist is when she over hears him speaking about her.  The scene is carried about by the Lizzie’s prejudice against Darcy because he will not dance with her.  The guests then think Darcy as an egotistical, horrible male all brought on because of this one exchange.  See, the book is entirely about the women and this cover does it justice.  Finally we are getting somewhere.


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