Let me go back to the covers.  As fantastic as the covers over the past centuries are, why did the Norton Critical Edition choose to use such a basic painting of a landscape?  The clouds make for the depressing days surrounding most of English sky.  I guess the whole issue I am having with this cover is the fact that it provides no questioning or eye-catching urge.  If I walked into a bookstore I would never pick this book off of the shelf.  The ugly green sage color still does nothing for the book.  This is purely an academic directed cover.  I felt the same way when I say the John Milton Paradise Lost cover (picture below).  Yes it provides a pretty picture but I am left bored and not wanting to read the books.  In P&P the whole issue lies within the class, male verse female, and of course love.  The cover above barley even hits on class to begin with.  The next cover is a little bit better.






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