1995 – Colin Firth!!!


Ahhh Colin Firth.  You make my heart sing.  As hideous as you are with sideburns, your dress fits the time period so perfectly.  The 1995 television series captures everything I love about P&P.  I do believe Firth is the BEST Darcy and here is why.  I guess my reason for not loving his adaption is because he’s so old.  He plays Darcy so perfectly it makes me jump into the book.  Along with the extended time to capture every little detail, Firth grasps everything Darcy.  From the way he walks, to the way he speaks to the ladies, it is a lot as if Firth read every single line about Darcy and pieced them together to form this immaculate character.  I will admit I fought hard to not like Firth as Darcy.  I lean more towards the 2005 version purely for the music, but we will get into that one later.  Every movie Firth is in makes me want to play his voice over and over.  If you need a little Colin Firth to brighten your day, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hasKmDr1yrA.  As for Elizabeth, Jennifer Ehle just doesn’t stand up to my vision of Elizabeth.  Her character is not as strong as I believed her stature would be.  Even her voice is low and serves me no joy in listening to her.  As for the adaption as a whole, the scenery is depicted beautifully.  The costumes are gorgeous, the background realistic, and even down to the silverware and pictures on the walls.  What a great way to get the public amped up for P&P. 


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