As the book gained popularity and the British culture moved into the Victorian Era in 1837, P&P received a new cover.  I found these covers published in the late 1800s.  I was very sad to find the book did not have a mass shift in the cover design until almost a century later.  How could a book such as P&P not have a cover from the original copy?  I am sure copies exist of the covers during this massive break but I have had no such luck in hunting them down.

The blue cover with the balloons offers a whimsical and simple design.  Sold from the “circa 1900” this publication of the novel is anything but simple.  Bases on the color choices, are the random green dots supposed to be some sort of distorted peacock feather?  The lines drawn flow as if indicating the look of a feather, but what about the random placement of the green dots on the front cover?  What was the reasoning behind creating this odd design?  Seems more modernized then during the actual time period.

The historical time period offered peace, economic growth, a skyrocket in the population, and along with it a very dirty city.  With such prosperity and the rich moving to the countryside I would naturally assume, as a whole, the country began to read more overall.  So think about it, you are in the local bookstore looking for the next book to read during your net trip to the English countryside.  All the books are different colors: a brown with gold rims, a blue with a cool design, and a boring brown.  Obviously the eye goes to the colorful one, the one that seems out of place, with the odd dots randomly placed. 


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